BI Express Office Furniture
1111 Valley View Lane | Irving, TX 75061
Phone: (817) 858-2200

BI Express understands the importance of every dollar invested in your furniture assets. We also know how difficult and costly it can be to manage and evaluate furniture inventories. For that reason, we offer storage space and automated tracking solutions. Asset Management and ReBl teams provide storage and inventory management solutions for your unused furniture, as well as liquidation of furniture no longer needed.

  • – Computerized Inventory Management: Manages and tracks your surplus inventory stored at our warehouse with reports available as needed..
  • – Furniture/Equipment Disposal and Acquisition: We liquidate thousands of square feet of customer surplus furniture and equipment each year.
  • – On-Site Inventories: Our professionals are trained and experienced in all aspects of performing a physical inventory, including methods and tools for accurate information.
  • – Bar Code Tracking: Increases the speed and accuracy of inventory collection and provides on-demand asset reporting.